No two people are alike. Every person has different needs and or wants.


Armour rigs and pieces are individually designed and sketched prior to production.

Take a look and get inspired.


Metal on metal

Once the pieces are finished, they are shipped and ready for combat.


Many of the produced pieces are used for jousting, live steel, and SCA.

See how they hold up.

Every piece that is made is given the same attention as the one before and after.


Blood, sweat, and sometimes tears are shed during production.

Come see what happens behind the sences.


Casting is done in the comfort of the shop, or the customer's home. This is done for all custom pieces.


Casting ensures that every piece you order fits perfectly the first time around.

Never been casted before? 


Armor for Man, Woman, and Beast

Interested in becoming an Apprentice?

We will be glad to have you. Email us to find out more.


Pardon our mess