Armor for Man, Woman, and Beast


Pardon our mess

An egg and a golf ball...

    Ideally, having you come into the shop so your piece can be fitted would be best. However, chances are that you won't be able to make such trips because we know you're a busy person. Solution; casting is the best way to ensure a perfect fit. The process is quite simple .

    Casting can be done on any part of the body and with a few different materials. The process allow us to "copy" the part of the body we are building a piece for, and have that copy of you in the shop so we always have you there.  Added benefit, the cast doesn't need to wait for the piece to cool during the check fits.

    I prefer castings over measurements only because numbers don't give me a true three dimensional reference.  

We try to make the casting process as simple as possible. For most body parts we typically use plaster strips to make a simplified mold of the body and work off that mold. For other parts it is necessary to produce "negative" in order to create a positive 3D form; we use this to create a precise copy of the hands. Take a look at what we've done.

For best results we prefer to do casts inside the shop, but if you can't make a trip....give us a call, and we will make arrangements.