Armor for Man, Woman, and Beast

The legs & Feet

The legs are protected by Cuisses, Faulds, Tassets (Tuilles), Poleyns, Greaves, Schynbalds, and Sabatons (Sollerets). Faulds, which attach to cuirass, are designed to protect the waist and hips. Tassets, which hang from the Faulds or the breastplates, are used to protect the upper part of legs. The Cuisses protect the thighs and are typically fashioned from a series of plates the cover the length of the thighs. Poleyns are pieces that fit over the knees; these are generally articulated to add full range of motion and can attach to Cuisses and Schynbald or Greaves. Poleyns also tend to be seen with “fins” that extend back from one or sides of the knees; these fins are used to “close” gaps in the leg armour, provide protection and support.  Greaves protect all sides of the lower leg, where as Schynbalds only cover the shin. The Sabatons protect the feet and are fashioned from a solid piece of metal or a series of plates. All of these pieces built off a leg casts and measurements, which include padding that is to be worn underneath. 

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