Armor for Man, Woman, and Beast

Instructional DVD  $30.00

Raising and articulation of a 410 spring stainless knee cop.  45 minutes of uncut, no skipping steps and no fast forwarding of hammering.  Narration is recorded over the hammering noise so you get to hear the instruction without the straining.  I even made sure to get a few angles from UNDER the work while on the ball stake.

T shirts $25.00

100% cotton  sizes S-2XL

Coming soon....


    Almost an hour of detailed fluting techniques complete with how to correct a wayward line and when to recognize it's just too far gone.  

    Techniques covered will be:

     1. Step flutes

     2. Peak flutes

     3. Parallel lines

     4. Running a series of flutes to a             point

Call, email, or Facebook, to get on the list for our first batch of 20!

estimated cost +/- $40.00


In Stock!!!  $300.00

One Pair of sabatons, they just need heat treating and assembly with rivets.  

    call for more details...

       US size 9.5

       EUR size 44

       UK size 8.5

In Stock!!!  $450.00

One pair of early to mid 15th century German paulderons with basegews.  Made from .040 and .036 hreat treated and blackened 4130.  

       Best fit for a medium built male.  

call for more details...